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IB Extended Essay: Notes & Outlines

No matter which note-taking strategy you choose, be sure you: 

  • Decide on a strategy and stick with it
  • Paraphrase everything (Writing in your own words helps you understand)
  • Trace every idea in your notes back to a source
  • Write just enough to remember what you meant, but not copy everything 
  • Use symbols, abbreviations, diagrams, drawings 

How to Paraphrase

The rule of 4: Each note must contain

  • Source
  • Quoted material (in quotation marks)
  • Paraphrase
  • Your Comment

Research Notes Templates: Choose one and stick with it

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Outline Templates

How and Why to Outline, via Purdue OWL

Basic Outline - The headings you plan to use, in order

Detailed Outlines - Headings, supporting ideas, your analysis, cited sources

MLA Style Paper Template (Word Doc)